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The Saunier Team is part of the Homes for Heroes® program. Homes for Heroes is a Nation wide program giving rebates and discounts to Heroes in our communities. The Saunier Team has given  back over $30,000 in our commissions in the form of a rebate or discount to Heroes who purchase or sell their home with our team. We guarantee FULL service.  Janet was  awarded the 2017 Rock Star ofthe Year for Florida Homes Realty for outreach and support of Heroes in our community.

Each home we close enables us to do more to support Heroes. For information on our team visit

Off Duty Heroes


 The WHY behind the Saunier Team


Thank A Hero Project & Hockey with a Hero was inspired by 2 off duty Heroes who took time out of their busy schedule to stop at a terrible wreck. First on scene their dedication meant the difference between life and death. 


Thank you to Van Elmore and David Weeks for saving the life of someone I LOVE.


Forever grateful,


Janet Saunie

Nominate a Hero


 Nominate your Hero for a chance for them to win 2 tickets to attend a Jacksonville Icemen home game with the Saunier Team.  To nominate a Hero, send us your Hero's story.  You will need to include the following:

1. Your Hero's name

2   Video or letter, as to why they derserve to be rewarded for being a Hero in their community

3. Please provide their contact info so that we may contact the winners. 


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