Training in any sport is hard.  Training to take fast, hard-hitting shots takes a special kind of athlete. Goalies will tell you if your head is not in the game you can get hurt.

It was difficlult for us to continue with our plans for goalie camp this year.  Mom (Gigi) had been in ICU for 11 days when we brought Maddi to Gainesville to see Gigi on her way to goalie camp.  Even though we had tried to prepare her, Maddi was overwhelmed by the extensive bruising and injuries Gigi had recieved. However, always being our constant cheerleader, Gigi told Maddi in no uncertain terms she was to not worry, that she would be walking out of the hospital before Maddi could get done kicking butt at camp.  Gigi's instructions to her granddaughter? "Go show those boys what you are made of!"  And that's exacty what Maddi did.  No matter how tough your situation may be, it is your attitude and how you play the game that matters most   

Below you will find a few videos in the adventures of training to be a goalie.


Last Rounds

Being a girl goalie in Florida is a challenge.  Hockey camp with Ed Walsh 23 boys and 1 girl.  Last day of camp she stepped up to the plate for the shoot out challenge.

Shoot out

Round 2 Ed Walsh camp.  2nd glove save in a row.

Lady Vipers Training Weekend

Madison spent a weekend with great training at the Kissimee Ice Den.  These girls got to meet and scrimage with some of the Ladies from the Vermont college hockey team who came to inspire girls in hockey here in Florida.  One of these ladies was just recruited to the NWHL Whalers.  Awesome scrimage to take hits in net from college level players.